We are dedicated to giving you all practical knowledge on how to succeed with your health and fitness goals. We have the facility to workout in and the education to round out our holistic approach.

What’s your Why? And, how are you going to be laser-focused on accomplishing that goal?

In this post, I am going to help you build up some armor and defense for you to use in your near future, whether that is with us or on your own.  We are taking on a lot of new people, classes, and systems at Reclaim, and we need to equip our members with some truth bombs.

The first truth you need is to understand: why do you want to train and become fit and healthy?

Not why your spouse thinks so, not why your doctor thinks so, and please, for all humanity, not why social media tells you so.  WHY DO YOU WANT TO TRAIN AND BECOME FIT AND HEALTHY?

I think if you clearly understand why you are exercising, you are going to be able to get out of it what you want.  That sounds simple, right?  Well, too many people just go through the motions, so let’s get focused here! Let’s pinpoint this thing, drive it home, and execute it!

I’ll start with myself.

I exercise first to keep my house in order, meaning my body.  If I can’t do that then I am not nearly as focused on all other fronts and can’t devote the time, energy, or discipline to things like I want.  Those who know me understand I am a passionate and intense person.  I don’t like to be lethargic, weak minded, and incapable.  Exercise is just one way I can avoid those things.   Another reason is to be the best leader I can be for my family, my community, and my business, including members and employees.  Finally, I don’t want to be a hypocrite. Plain and simple.  I want to lead people to things they didn’t know were possible.  I want to drive people out of their comfort zones to experience true freedom with their health.  I can’t do that if I am not doing it myself.

You wouldn’t have much respect for your doctor if s/he told you that your smoking habit was going to destroy your health and a few hours later you passed him/her on the street flicking a cigarette out the window.

The same goes for me and exercise.

I am going to walk that walk, endure that journey, and learn from every part of it AS my members go through it with me.  I am not perfect, only our Heavenly Father can wear that crown, but I am devoted to being the best that I can be for myself and for you!

So, why do you exercise?

Do you need to lose weight?

Do you want to gain mobility?

Do you want to increase strength?

Do you just want to acquire better health?

Then STOP doing things that don’t fall in line with your goal.  Don’t be a hypocrite.  It really isn’t that difficult folks.  Set some goals and as Nike puts it, JUST DO IT!

Here is a quick primer to get you going.

How to Build that Armor

  1. Define what you want and more importantly why it is important to you. Now write it down.
  2. In the next week what are you going to do to work towards that?
  3. In the next month what are you going to do to work towards that?
  4. When something happens and becomes a hurdle in your path, what is your plan? If you don’t have one you better make one because life is full of hurdles.
  5. Once you start seeing some results, what is your next goal and reason for it? Like we tell our members all the time. There is no finish line in health.
  6. When people tell you that it’s not worth it, what is going to be your answer? Are you going to succumb to their pessimistic attitude or rise above it and honestly not even let it affect you?
  7. When others see your results and then only want to point out your flaws, what’s your defense?

It’s going to happen if it already hasn’t happened, so suit up and get ready.

Define your why, and don’t worry about everyone else’s why not!