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As a coach I am always intrigued to listen to other professionals in my line of work.

There are some very smart people out there that do incredible things with their athletes, members and teams, and we always want to learn about that information so we can become better coaches. But sometimes we tend to overlook the obvious things that could help our coaching ability. I was listening to a podcast the other day from a very well-known fitness guru, Jason Khalipa. Jason is a business owner in California and he was once a very successful CrossFit athlete. While I don’t agree with a lot of CrossFit ideas and methods, I definitely agree that there are some very smart and gifted people associated with the CrossFit scene. Jason receives more attention these days with his success as a business owner since he has retired from CrossFit and thus provides other coaches with great information about mindset within a training facility. His recent short podcast talked about building your own house. It was a mindset to coaching, but I believe it can be very easily applied to your ability to guide yourself in a positive direction each and every day when it comes to your health and fitness.

The story goes like this:

There was a very well-known and respected Japanese architect that built very glamorous homes all across Japan. He did this for many, many years and was extremely passionate about what he did. He would take a very modern idea and turn it into something that has never been seen before. People all across the country sought after this architect to build their homes.

After many years of doing this, he came to the realization that it was his time to retire. Put the drawings, figurations, and ideas to the way side and move on. When he finished what he thought was his last house, he went to his boss to pitch the idea of retirement. The boss agreed that it was a great time for him to retire, but he pleaded that he just build one more home. The architect agreed and proceeded. But by this time, his passion was gone. It wasn’t what it use d to be. He was tired and ready for something else.

So this time around, he did the bare minimum.

He made the house “good enough” for the project just so he could get it done and move on with his life. When the day came for him to turn over the keys for the house to be sold, his boss said, keep the keys. This house is yours. As a token of my appreciation, this last house that you built is yours. The architect didn’t realize that this entire time, he was building his own house. And when it was time for him to accept the keys to his house, he wasn’t satisfied. He was disappointed that he didn’t apply the passion he once had to the house he would call his own.

The point of this story was to realize that each and every day we have an opportunity to build our own house.

We have the opportunity to bring passion and motivation to the forefront and tackle our house one brick at a time. We have the opportunity to build with purpose and to our maximum potential. There are days that will present challenges, but that doesn’t mean we cannot build to our fullest potential for that day. A day spend at 80% of our maximum potential is a day lost. We cannot build at 120% the next day to make up for it.

The same goes for your health and fitness.

A day spent at 80% is a day where our potential was not met. We cannot go twice as hard and effectively “make up” what was lost the day prior. Our mindset daily should be to reach our fullest potential as we take care of our bodies. Can you dedicate 100% every day to your lifestyle you want? Can you give 100% to the fitness you desire? Can you put 100% down, every day, to be optimal?

Friends, as we continue on this journey I challenge you to build your own house each and every day with conviction. Your house will be whatever you build it to be. And it will be yours forever. I hope this story resonates with you the same it did with me.

Here’s to building our house!