• What will my first time in your gym be like?

    Your first time in, we want you to feel comfortable.  There is no workout, no sweating, and no selling. We simply sit down in what we call a Discovery Session to learn about your goals, your past experiences, and what we can do to help. 

  • Why is your gym more expensive than other gyms?

    We know you may have a lot of choices on where to workout. What’s best… A treadmill at home? The gym down the street that is $15/month? A CrossFit membership? We’d actually encourage you to ask a different question. What are your goals? Personalized attention? Trained, qualified, and experienced professional coaches? Accountability? Working out with a group of like-minded people who cheer on your success? If the answer to any of the above is “yes”, then we’d encourage you to check us out.

  • What’s your drop-in policy?

    Please call or text 812.222.0505 for more information.

  • How often do you recommend I come to the gym?

    When simply starting out we recommend personal coaching 2x a week and one workout on your own.  We encourage all individual’s to do at least 3 days a week of strength training to see results and then building from that as your goals change.  

  • I’m not in very good shape… can you help me out?

    Of Course!  We offer personal coaching and our functions classes for those with limitations or no experience at all. 


We know walking through the door is the hardest part. You take the first step and we’ll meet you where you are.