Why should we fast?

– Amazing way for the body to detox.
– Use stored fuel for energy.
– Allow the body to recycle waste and replenish with new cellular tissue.
– Many Americans have poor relationships w/food. They need better habits in the realm of self-control. Fasting allows this habit to be built.
– 60%+ of our society is overweight and it isn’t decreasing!

A Cultural Myth w/fasting

– You are not starving. When a person is actually starving they are at risk for death as they don’ know when their next meal is occurring.
– Fasting is a CHOICE.
– People don’t starve themselves to lose weight. They simply take breaks from food so they body can use stored energy for life. This is a basic human function. Your body is perfectly capable at running off of stored glucose and fat for fuel.

Why has fasting gained popularity as of late?
– It is easy / practical / FREE
– If you have a company trying to sell you ______ + fasting. You ARE wasting money. The true and most meaningful benefit of fasting is to allow the body to eliminate waste and to detox. If someone is selling you something to make your fast “easier” they are making a fool of you and your money.
– It works!
– We have been doing it for 1,000’s of years.
– You always enter a fasted state when you rest and avoid food.

Fed vs. fasted state
– When you eat your insulin raises and hormones for storage are available.
– When you fast your insulin falls and fuel from storage is available.
– In 1970’s individuals typically ate meals at 8am / noon / 6pm. They fasted for 14 hours with no snacks and in this period Type II Diabetes was almost nonexistent.
– Today individuals eat at 8am / snack / noon / snack / 7pm / snack. The average American has an eating window now over 14+ hours.
– Eating more frequently DOES NOT increase your metabolism despite what supplement and food companies want you to believe. In fact eating more frequent signals the body to store more and to release more insulin and never get to the point where fat can be used for fuel.

In the next few weeks, we will share the health benefits of fasting in more detail and also go over populations who shouldn’t fast. For those who should fast we will give tips on how and what forms of fasting will be best for their goals.

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