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Friends, we are at the time of year where many things are going on. We ended the year and assumed that with the new year we would find renewed motivation, drive and desire to do things we didn’t quite accomplish in 2018. But alas, the same things stand in our way that are preventing us from reaching the things we have sought. Our time is spread thin. Our jobs, families, responsibilities and other devotions take precedent and we are forced to pick the fires we want to put out on a daily basis.

What do we do now? How do we make things different? How do we organize our priorities to ensure we see the result we are after?

Our society is a mind boggling one. We assume that because we work a 40hr job, have big families and other responsibilities that we cannot pursue things we desire. We assume these things because in the back of our mind, there is doubt.

What if I don’t accomplish what I’m after? What if I am wasting my precious time? What if I end up further back than I already am? We put these thoughts into our heads all too often and as a result, we talk our self out of the mindset that we need to bring these plans to fruition. GET OUT OF YOUR OWN HEAD! What if I fail to make consistent progress? What if I strain relationships because I am focused elsewhere? What if I look silly while I’m doing this? GET OUT OF YOUR OWN HEAD!

Negative self-talk is the first thing that you can address.

If you talk in a negative manner, you will find a negative result. Your words are powerful- especially when they are directed at yourself. They can ultimately determine your mindset. When you find a way to control your thoughts, you have a better chance of controlling your actions. Everyone has heard of the bird in the nest. As the mother is pushing it out the bird asks, “but what if I fall?” The mother replies, “but darling what if you fly?” What do you tell yourself?

The second thing you can address is the way you think.

How strong is your mindset towards the goals you have for yourself? Is it something you want or is it something you desire? Because there is a stark difference. What if your mind is in total control of your outcome? What if you had your priorities so figured out that the next time a roadblock presented itself, it’s not a question as to whether or not you will work around it. What if your mind became that powerful? What would happen then? What if your mind would never give up on your goals? What if your thought process was so profound that it started to spread like a wildfire? Your family, kids, coworkers all noticed this new engaged process and started to follow. What would your life look like? Would you ever give up on yourself?

The third thing you can do is to surround yourself with people who will help you towards those goals.

Find people that want what you want. Accountability partners work wonders when they have the same desire as you. But be careful- they are also the most dangerous when they themselves have a poor mindset. The negative people will hold you down and steal your joy. Get away from them. Examine your circle. Who is in it and do they want the best for me? If they don’t could they be part the reason for your shortcomings?

As we continue forth this year, I challenge everyone to examine their conscience. Where do your priorities lie and how strong is your willpower? What can I change mentally from the previous year? Where can you go from here? What will I say to myself when things are tough? Who around me wants what I want? And if they don’t want what I want, will I continue to allow them to determine my success?

Note: not once did I mention health or fitness goals. This is much deeper than that.

We will always face hurdles. Monthly, weekly, sometimes daily. But your character will be revealed in the times you are strained. But rather than “weathering the storm” remind yourself that you ARE the storm. Here’s to a prosperous year.