Health & Fitness Audit

If you want to move faster towards your goal you need less drag. What is holding you back? Use the scores below to better understand where you are proficient and where you could use some support.


  • 10 = 8 hours each night / asleep by 10pm / no devices after 9pm 
  • 5 = 6-7 hours each night / asleep by 11pm / no devices after 10pm


  • 10 = Protein consumed for goals / Carbs consumed for goals / Fats consumed for health and hormones / 90% compliant with meals and snacks / Healthy relationship with food and consumption meaning you don’t stress over a cupcake or cookie here and there 
  • 5 = Mindful eating but no direction with macros / Room for improvement w/insulin sensitivity / Around 60% compliant with meals but all weekends are off / Food consumed to combat stress 


  • 10 = 3+ days of strength training per week / 10,000 + steps per day / 10-15 min of daily mobility work 
  • 5 = minimum of 2 strength training per week / 5,000 + steps per day / mobility work is sporadic or only done when there is pain / injury 

If you would rank yourself lower than a 5 in any category that is the best place to start. If you have multiple scores of 5 or lower I would assume you are either new to this or haven’t prioritized a streamlined process in overcoming your limiting factors one at a time. 

Start with the area that is your weakest and make a game plan. If you need help with this set up a time with a coach and we can get you started. 

Count the cost. Move the dirt.


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