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Osteoporosis means “porous bone.” This is a condition that is often diagnosed with middle to upper aged male and females.

Often times, unless you were screened by a health professional, you may not know your condition even exists. This condition usually is discovered only after a bone fracture occurs. While this disease is something that is not incredibly curable, it IS something that can be prevented and here’s how.

At Reclaim we focus on weight bearing exercises because physiology tells us that bones adapt to stress almost in the same manner as muscular tissue.

When a stimulus is provided that the body is not accustomed to, the body will react in a way that helps strengthen the area that is being stressed. For bones, when you stress them, they rebuild themselves to be stronger. 1 in 2 females over the age of 50 and 1 in 4 male over the age of 50 will be exposed to varying degrees of osteoporosis. The body’s ability to rebuild bones goes way down in comparison to their earlier years. Many things factor into this issue. Diet and activity level are at the forefront. If the diet and activity level are less than optimal for the individual, your body will lack the stimulus needed for rebuilding healthy bone tissue and will be deprived of the nutrients needed to do so successfully. Vitamin D, calcium and vitamin A and vitamin K are crucial for bone regeneration.

Many of our members come to us in a preventative manner to help decrease the chances of falling into an osteoporosis issue.

But this doesn’t mean that if you have already been diagnoses with this disease that all is lost. By focusing on our NERDS approach to health and wellness we can help to turn the table on this disease. We start by educating on nourishment and how it will help combat this issue. Leafy greens and lean proteins will provide the body with those crucial vitamins and collagen needed for bone regeneration. We will walk you through how the exercise movements we incorporate will help rebuild the bone tissue you have and how it will help prevent further issues with your bone density in the future. Then we can incorporate other areas of our NERDS foundation such and adjusting your digestive help so that your nutrients can be properly absorbed and how proper rest, recover from exercise and also how supplementation can help you fill the gaps you are missing in your diet. All of these things put together can play a very positive role in helping this specific issue. Once your body has the nutrients it needs coupled with the weight bearing stimulus needed for bone regeneration, the risk of injury due to osteoporosis will decrease tremendously!