How Will You Finish?

There are only 6 full weeks left in 2022. I believe there are three ways to finish the year out. 

– Staying in Your Lane 

– On Top 

– In Anticipation 

Not one is better than another. Each serves a different season of life. Only one is right for you. You could think of this like large group training, semi-private training, and personal training. They all serve different goals and work for different circumstances. 

Staying in Your Lane

If you have been around the block a few times and are content with the ups and downs that November – January bring, I suggest avoiding the ditch to your left and to your right. Keep your eyes focused ahead and don’t get overwhelmed by the Holidays. I would challenge you to even help those (who ask for it) to set their own boundaries during this time. Stay in your lane and finish 2022 maintaining your health, strength, and fitness goals. 

On Top 

If you are killing it right now and you don’t want to lose momentum heading in to 2023 I would suggest some of the following strategies. The first would be to pinpoint the family gatherings or meals that are most special to you and enjoy those. Eat some comfort food and enjoy the relationships around the table. Once that meal is over, move on and get back to self control and discipline. I wouldn’t skip workouts at this time or your recovery needs while you are off work. This time may even require more workouts at home or steps outside especially if you are off of work and a normal routine. 

In Anticipation 

If you are entering a season of hospitality, travel, and inconsistency with the Holidays I would suggest making a plan for January and using the remainder of 2022 setting goals and outlining your action steps. Ask a coach for help. Your goal is to take action right now and start thinking about what your priorities are in 2023. You will have more confidence with your decisions and more enjoyment over the Holidays knowing that you already prioritized your health and what you want moving forward. 

Count the cost. Move the Dirt.


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