Semi Private Sessions – 30 min

A great launch pad for those who need to brush up on technique or learn the basics. A great landing place for those committed to long term maintenance of their health and fitness.

Wellness Classes – 60 minutes

Our flagship program. We leave no stone unturned. If you apply yourself to our teachings in and out of our facility the wellness program will render top notch results.

Personal Training – 30 minutes

Our flagship classes are great but at times you want the coaches programming and attention solely on helping you reach your goals. If you are stuck in a rut or simply want the accelerated plan personal training may be for you.

Youth Training – 30 min
For fun. For sport. For health. We take on an approach of working on fitness for many reasons aside for just sport. If you want your kids to learn some amazing skills and disciplines that will help them in the rest of their life come check it out.
Health Coaching – 30 min

The offering that sets us apart. The curriculum that will build habits for the rest of your life. The accountability that won’t let you off the hook. The results that show everyone you got it right this time.