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Our Mission

Achieve Optimal Health and Performance


There is a reason that our members are the most successful and enjoy coming back to train with us week after week.

Lead by Example

The first being that our coaches are relentless in the pursuit of helping you reach optimal.  We are Reclaim. We live and breathe what we preach and ask you to be accountable to. Health and fitness isn’t something foreign to us because it is what we do on a daily basis.  Our members don’t have an integrity issue with our coaches because we do the same things we ask them to do. We walk the same line. We prefer to think of it as, leading by example. Our members trust us for that and see what we do works, and it works very well.

The second being the NERDS protocol that we created for our facility.  We are a holistic approach to your health and performance. What does that mean?  Let me explain a problem first.

Exercise Doesn’t Solve Everything

Too often individuals join a gym in search of treadmills, machines, and accessibility.  We all understand that exercise has to be a component to our health, but does it solve everything? No.  We have all been fed and believed a lie that fitness is an all-encompassing health solution and this is why so many don’t ever have any quality fitness results and then blame fitness for their lack of health.

Be a Nerd

Every single week we lecture on one of these topics and continue to raise the bar on what is understood as the norm in our culture.  We teach our members new stuff every single time they enter Reclaim because we never stop learning ourselves. We don’t focus solely on exercise.  We believe in it greatly, but not without all of the other components of health as well.


Learn how to heal first, and you can acquire all the performance you desire.

Your Body: The Healing Machine

Your body is a healing machine, but it needs the opportunity to heal.  What you need is a facility that can teach you how to eat properly, for your body type, and recovery needs while reducing inflammation at the same time.  You need a facility that can program exercises based on your ability to regain function and strength and not be in chronic pain. You need a facility that teaches you what to do to maximize your recovery (physically, emotionally, and spiritually) so you are able to come back and train with ease the next time you wish to workout.  You need a facility that educates you on the importance of your digestive health and how it ties in ALL of your health. Then you need a facility who believes in supplementation only when they are necessary for your needs and doesn’t offer them to you as a solution because no supplement will replace nutrient dense food, ever.

If you are ready to get started, fill out the information and we will contact you to get your session scheduled. 


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Reclaim is for anyone looking for top notch coaching and results in and around Decatur County and Ripley County. We expect our members to see results with our systems. We aren't for everyone, but can be for anybody.

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