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Our Mission

Reclaim your fittest you.
Real People. Real Relationships. Real Results.

We set out to be the premiere place to workout and train in and around Decatur County and Ripley County.  We offer the most intelligent programming, nicest equipment, and cleanest facility hands down.  

Proper Nourishment

I understand that many facilities miss the ship with their members because they offer no nutritional coaching. We do!  This is one of the main reasons our members see such great results.  We hold you accountable to the most difficult part of your fitness journey. We teach and empower instead of leaving you hanging to figure it out yourself. 

Structured Movement
We do all of our own programming (workouts) because no one knows our athletes better than we do. Your workouts are tailored to your ability level which is how we are able to train a beginner and advanced member in the same class and they both leave encouraged to do more but challenged at the same time.
Supportive Community

We are relational beings.  We work harder when we struggle together.  Our members forge friendships in their vulnerability and what used to be a huge fear or intimidating factor becomes a driving force that keeps them coming back to class.


James Ogle

Thanks so much for checking out the site.  I am James Ogle, the owner and head coach at Reclaim.  I have a beautiful wife, Jada and sons Augustus and Thaddeus.  If I am not coaching members or working out I am with my family.  Jada supports me to be the best coach possible to my members and community. Reclaim would not be possible without her. 

“We invite you to take back your health so you can maintain it for the rest of your life”.

I have worked in the fitness industry for nearly a decade. I have always loved strength training and being able to have the opportunity to see how strong I am and what my body is capable of. The challenge and discipline of weight training energizes me and gives me peace throughout the week. In the last few years my passion has transitioned more to holistic care and not just exercise. I still do and always will train hard and lift heavy because it is what I enjoy, but I most enjoy learning and educating others on how to become optimal through food choices, stress reduction, and proper movement so they can be healthy and fit instead of only pursuing fitness.

In my previous experiences before starting Reclaim I saw a problem with a lot of gyms “fitness” model and knew that it could be different. I wanted to flip that model upside down and challenge individuals to be super healthy and extremely fit. This is how Reclaim originated. We invite you to take back your health so you can maintain it for the rest of your life.

My Mission

My mission is to change the health of Decatur County and surrounding areas. I want you to be mobile, resistant to illness, strong enough mentally and physically to take on any day, and confident in the way you look. Sound too good to be true? I personally don’t believe so. If you are ready to finally see some results in your fitness journey, come in and talk with us and see how we are different and can help you become the healthiest and most fit version of yourself.

“We help you become the healthiest and most fit version of yourself. We invite you to come in to talk with us today.”

If you are ready to get started, fill out the information and we will contact you to get your session scheduled. 


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Reclaim is for anyone looking for top notch coaching and results in and around Decatur County and Ripley County. We expect our members to see results with our systems. We aren't for everyone, but can be for anybody.

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