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Performance Training
How is Sports Performance at Reclaim Different?

Sports Performance at Reclaim is an athletic development and mechanics awareness program that aims to develop a functional platform for athletes while also focusing on improving overall athletic ability.

Move the Right Way
We focus on developing proper movement mechanics in all our athletes so we can increase the likelihood of proper growth and skill development within their respective sport. Athletes will train in a fun and effective environment where we can break down dynamic movements and improve overall movement patterns. Once we develop a foundational platform, we then implement specialized training meant for the athlete based on their individual needs- all while keeping their respective sport at the forefront. The reason we do this is because not all athletes grow and excel at the same time. Some athletes need specialized attention to find areas of their training that could possibly be hindering their performance. Our coaches are educated and well informed with proper movement mechanics. We can find small flaws in an athlete’s movement and work to correct the ailment- once the ailment is addressed, we can visually see results based on the mechanic improvement.

When we talk about athletic ability we need to understand specialized training and its benefits. Specialized training focuses on breaking down an athlete’s sport and understanding what makes someone a good athlete, at THAT sport. If I want to become the greatest 100m Freestyle swimmer, I am not going to do workouts that are specialized for football players. If I am a cross country runner, I am not going to train the way a wrestler does. The more time we can mimic the condition of the competition itself, the more we can translate the training into performance. We will focus on the ailments we find that are hindering our movement mechanics, combine them with what we need to focus on to become a great basketball player, football player, golfer, etc… and turn it into a training session.

Knowledge is Power

We hold many titles here. We are coaches, we are trainers, we are advisors, but most importantly we are teachers! We want to constantly teach our athletes! Our athletes, regardless of their age will be able to leave a session and have a new piece of knowledge to share with everyone. We want to teach conscious movements correctly to reinforce good habits. When we do this at an early age, we are more likely to plant a cognitive seed in our athletes minds when it comes to movement performance.


Colton Zeck

Age: 26
Education: Hanover College – Health and Movement Studies, B.S. 2009-2013
Hometown: Kokomo, IN

Hi guys! My name is Colton Zeck. I am 26 years old and am originally from Kokomo, IN. I moved here in January with my wife Laura Zeck (Mauer).

I went to Lewis Cass High School and pursued health and movement studies at Hanover College. I was a full-time student athlete during my time in school. I played football for 4 years and baseball for 3 years. I was a running back/wide receiver/return specialist during the fall and a catcher during the spring.

Once I graduated in 2013, I moved to Terre Haute, IN to work at Union Hospital in their Center for Fitness and Performance. I helped run and operate CrossFit Terre Haute as well as train high school and collegiate athletes in their Sports Performance building. I am passionate about how the body moves, how it operates under stress, and how it adapts to stimulation.

“My goal is always to constantly educate people about the body and how it is intended to function. You should always walk away from a session with some new information that will help you become a better functioning specimen. I love to teach!”.
I fell in love with Olympic Weightlifting after I graduated. The biomechanics and physics of the Snatch and Clean & Jerk are variations of “poetry in motion,” in my mind. The technical demand and skill associated with those who are successful in these lifts are much more in depth than just picking up a weight and setting it down. It is a grueling battle between, strength, explosiveness, flexibility, and core stabilization. If there are inefficiencies in any of these areas, you will find troubles.
“Olympic Weightlifting is a great way to teach patience and consistency”.
I also am an outdoor enthusiast! I love fishing and camping but my major outdoor passion is bow hunting. One of the many things that I loved about CrossFit is that they preached going out and expressing your fitness outside of the gym. I shoot competitively but always am working towards being an accurate marksman while battling all the situations mother nature provides you. Going out West you have mountains, terraces, rough terrains… if you are not in peak physical shape, mother nature will beat you down. If you can’t find me in the gym, just assume in am working on my craft with my bow.
How is Sports Performance at Reclaim Different?

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