Un American

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Un American

Crazy title, right?

Despite the title I love our country,  I appreciate all my freedoms and love most all things about the United States.  There is one thing though that I have a very bad taste for and will continue to fight because it is what I believe in, which is our pursuit of health in our lives.

We are not a healthy group of people at all.

Despite our wealth and advancements in technology in comparison to most of the world we live in one of the unhealthiest places in that world.

Here are some quick stats if you don’t believe me.

Did you know the following about the United States?

  • We rank 29th out of 35 countries for Infant Mortality rate
  • We rank 26th out of 35 countries for life expectancy
  • We rank 35th out of 35 countries for health expenditures
  • Only 2.5% of Americans do what is necessary to contribute to a healthy lifestyle (based on not smoking, exercising regularly, and keeping body fat % low – This study doesn’t even take in account food quality or sleep quality)




We are a well-educated group of people right?  A lack of health doesn’t just fall upon us, does it?

Health is a responsibility, and it is something you must protect, nurture, and invest in.

It doesn’t matter how much money you make, how beautiful or handsome you think you are, or how much medication and care you are able to acquire.  Your health is all geared towards what you have done for it, what you are doing for it, and what you will do for it.

Some of you have harmed your health due to poor decisions in your past.  Others of you are harming your health currently with your decisions now, and some of you will harm your health with the decisions you are going to make.  We all have free will and are able to choose in our country.  Sadly, though most of us choose wrong and don’t even know it.

The good news is, the decisions you haven’t made yet and are going to make can influence your future health.  Don’t believe me research epigenetics on your own and check out the link below.


There are many places all over the world that are much less developed than the United States and you won’t find diabetes, hypertension, autoimmune disorders, chronic levels of stress, and other disease near as rampant as we know in the US.  Why is that?

My Opinion.

People in other areas are not as influenced and reactive to marketing though social media and television like we are in the states.  A lot of people everywhere else in the world still understand how to listen to their bodies and be in tune with what is going on around them.  They understand their bodies, take ownership of their health, and make changes based on how their body’s needs.  This is a much more proactive approach as opposed to our reactive approach here in the US.  Unfortunately, most of us don’t think about our health UNTIL it becomes a problem and then we treat symptoms with medication instead of finding ways to allow the body to do what it wants to naturally do which is thrive and heal.

I don’t think many Americans understand how to do this, and even more probably don’t even know it is an option.  We let others think for us and just do what crowds or masses do and accept it as normal or just go along for the ride without really thinking anything at all.

When you start to naturally do things because others are doing them doesn’t mean it is safe or good.  Do you ever think about that?  Anytime you are forced with a decision to do something I would hope you contemplate and think, is this really the best thing for me, my friends, or my family right now? Doing it because it is what we have always done or it’s what everyone else does shouldn’t be good enough.  Think for yourself.

Maybe you can find common ground with some of these scenarios or can relate with the comments listed.

Have you ever purchased a product because a celebrity said it worked, and you didn’t even take the time to look at what was in the product or how it was manufactured?

Have you taken medications to treat symptoms without even understanding what the medication is made of and what it may cause to your body long term health which could be worse than your current situation?

Why does your favorite pharmacy also sell beer, cigarettes, soda, and candy?

Why do you give your kids the same foods you are addicted to and emotionally struggle with?

If you want to acquire health in the United States you need to think different, move different, eat different, and honestly live different than the people around you.

Take some honest stock in the health of your friends, family, and peers.  The truth is almost 70% of our country is overweight.  Excess weight and body fat lead to a ton of other health issues and health costs.  Thinking for yourself more than likely in this scenario means doing things different than the 70%.

At my core, I fully believe that individuals want to be healthy and live with energy, without sickness, and be strong and mobile during their day to day activities.  Most of us just don’t know how because we are taking the lead from the wrong people and we just blend in with everyone around us.  If you want to have a healthy body you probably need to take advice from those who are leading, living, and promoting a healthy lifestyle.

So where is the hope?

First things first.  Believe that you are valuable enough and good enough to change.

If you don’t love the body you have you will never be able to love the body you want.  Then once you have a better relationship with your body and where your health is stop blaming your body, food companies, and everyone around you for a lack of results and health.  Take responsibility and believe that you can do what you want with your health, despite what others are telling you.  You may need some help along the way, but seek out individuals who are also thinking differently and want what you want.

Start small!  Decide what the number one thing is that is holding you back and DOMINATE it.  This could be drinking soda, eating out at lunch every day, not ever moving your body, or whatever your issue is.   Focus on that, and make it a habit to change that ONE THING and NOTHING ELSE.  Once you master it and no longer have to think about it, be mindful of the next thing.  Create lifestyle change with one small step at a time in the right direction.

The challenge is this.

If you want to acquire health in the United States you need to start training your thought process do be unlike the common “American Way.”  Stop following the masses as they fall helplessly to unhealth.  Start thinking for yourself and challenging the norm as you work towards your own health.

By James Ogle

I am James Ogle, the owner and head coach at Reclaim.  I have a beautiful wife, Jada and son Augustus.  If I am not coaching members or working out I am with my family.  Jada supports me to be the best coach possible to my members and community. Reclaim would not be possible without her.