We are dedicated to giving you all practical knowledge on how to succeed with your health and fitness goals. We have the facility to workout in and the education to round out our holistic approach.

Think of 4 or 5 really close friends you regularly associate yourself with.

There’s a great chance that 1 or 2 of them have blood pressure issues. This isn’t an uncommon thing these days. With our increase in sedentary lifestyle, poor quality food provided to us and our increase in overall stress, your blood pressure could be to a point where your body can no longer control it. So more than likely if you are in that situation, you are taking medication to help. While we believe medicine is a good thing in some instances, we don’t feel that you should be at the mercy of your prescription bottle and we have some things that could possibly help you eliminate the need for those pills here at Reclaim

The most common ways to create a healthy blood pressure is to eat well, exercise often and eliminate your stress.

Sounds easy, but it is so broad to understand! Eat well? How can I eat well if I don’t understand half the ingredients in my food? How can I exercise often if I’m always so busy? The 30 minute at home videos aren’t helping! How can I manage my stress if I don’t know what is causing my stress?

Here’s how Reclaim can help!

  • Our main focus from day 1 is how to allow your body to heal. It is the GREATEST healing machine there is. No white coat can heal you the way your body heals you. So with that in mind, we look at things that promote healing: proper nourishment, exercise, sleep, etc.. When your body is able to heal properly we can decrease overall inflammation in your body allowing for better blood circulation to working muscles. When your blood flows well, your blood pressure can decrease.
  • We educate on movements that promote a healthy heart and can ultimately lower your blood pressure. Compound body weight movements as well as low impact exercises that will get your heart rate to a point where it can grow and be strong. Creating a heart that is conditioned is easy, it just requires consistent movement!
  • We show you ways to lose those extra pounds without grueling intense workouts. We exercise, don’t get me wrong, but the most beneficial things you can do to lose those pounds come from what you do when you leave here. If you know what to do, what not to do, you are at an advantage. If you have to guess what is right and wrong, you are sitting behind the 8 ball.
  • Stress will always be a part of everyone’s life. We will show you how to manage it. When we can control our stress factors we are alleviating added stress to our nervous system, and ultimately, our heart. Yes, exercise is a great way to reduce stress, but what if you can’t workout one day? How do you manage it then? We can help!
  • We’ll show you how applying our NERDS protocol can help you reduce the amount of sodium in your diet. By reducing sodium we can lower blood pressure substantially. We will focus on the food that is right for your body type. We will give you a great guide to maneuvering around a grocery store and sifting through those tricky labels. Gone are the days of guessing that something is healthy just because it says “all natural.”

Don’t let be at the mercy of your prescription bottle.

Let us help you on the road to reclaiming your heart health!