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4 out of 5 people will eventually deal with back pain.

More specifically, roughly 80% of your community will miss a day of work due to back pain. So what’s causing your back pain? What makes it better/worse? Here are some things to think about that are different that the common answer you would usually receive.

Your gut is unhealthy!

Your body is an incredible healing machine. It has all that it needs to heal itself when the gut is able to processed and absorb nutrients with healing qualities. If your gut is damaged, your healing process is more than likely extremely slow going.

You consume high inflammatory foods

Inflammation is a good thing to the body. It promotes healing. But chronic inflammation is bad news for just about everything. Certain foods can cause extreme inflammation in your system and the food you eat may very well be contributing to your up and down levels of back pain.

You don’t sleep well

Some people can’t sleep well because of their back. But some people don’t allot the time necessary for your body to sleep. If you don’t give your body the chance to sleep 7-8 hours, your ability to heal dramatically reduces. If you are someone who doesn’t have a sleep schedule and spends their last minutes in front of a cell phone or TV, your nervous system becomes stimulated. Trying to sleep with your nervous system “ready to go” is hard.. and like mentioned above, without good sleep, you will struggle to heal.

You don’t move enough

The best way to reduce the amount of inflammation in your body is through continuous movement. The idea that you should take it easy and “let your back heal” is fine and dandy if you know and understand how healing works. If you sit on the couch or in bed expecting your back to heal, you’re in for a rude awakening. It won’t heal timely unless your back is taken through range of motion. Your joints and ligaments of your back are similar to concrete. If you continue to mix the concrete it will say lose and mobile. If you let it sit, it will literally turn to concrete and movement will be hard to regain “metaphorically speaking.”

You are given misguided information

If you research what to do for low back pain, the first thing you might find is to take some drugs, get some injections, ice and repeat. These are all band-aids to a problem. They don’t solve the underlying issue. I don’t care what kind of issue you may have, you can make it better with methods other than getting a knife in your back. But it must start with understanding how your body is designed to heal.

To assume the body will heal itself without the bare necessities like, movement, food and reduction of inflammation, would be to assume a brain surgeon could operate without the tools needed for his job. It just doesn’t work that way.