We are dedicated to giving you all practical knowledge on how to succeed with your health and fitness goals. We have the facility to workout in and the education to round out our holistic approach.

Coaching is one of the most important things we do at Reclaim.  If I don’t coach well my members won’t see results and won’t see value in our training.  I take this title very seriously and strive to provide an atmosphere and culture that is second to none.  

It is easy to get a certification and become a “coach”, but it takes years of building relationships and earning trust with individuals for them to look up to and think of you as their coach.

One aspect of what I do as a coach is put together programming for my members. This is basically the written workouts for the week that they will follow.  They trust me to put together the game plan for them to adhere to and see results.  The motivation, blueprint, and execution at Reclaim is up to me.  The discipline outside of our facility is up to them.  This post is going to dive in to why we train the way we do at Reclaim and shed some light on our methods and why we EXPECT you to see results when you are here.

The Why is super important for anything and especially the reasoning behind a training routine. This allows you to make a decision if we are right for you and, honestly, if you are right for us.  Not everyone will benefit from our services, and we think you should look at other facilities in the area and check out the options you have for reaching your goals.  If you understand why we are doing what we do here, it will help you focus and get the most out of your training.  At Reclaim we choose to do things with extreme focus, passion, and intensity.  If you want to excel in your training, we are the place for you.  If you want to go at your own pace and not be held accountable along the way, it may be best to look elsewhere. This is just how we roll!

One reason we have great success with our members is we build all of our programs on MOVEMENT quality first. It is one of our three guiding principles as a business.  We want you to learn how to move well and to practice those movement patterns on a regular basis.  What good is strength training if it doesn’t transfer over to your real life?  Poor movement will ingrain bad technique and lead to injury.  Too many other programs will have a workout that emphasizes movements that people are either not mobile enough for or not conditioned enough to do.  When you aren’t able to do something in your training you will become discouraged, lose motivation, and ultimately quit!  We want you to leave empowered, feeling that you accomplished something and ready to come back for more.  

Our programming is split in to 3 separate levels.  These are not beginner, intermediate, or advanced like some may think.  It should rather be thought of like this: Level 1 is to increase movement quality and core stabilization so you can progress to level 2.  Level 2 is to provide the right amount of strength training and conditioning to build lean mass and decrease body fat.  It is suited for anyone coming in 2x per week up to 4x a week.  Level 3 is for any of our athletes following an unlimited program who have the skill and recovery necessary to handle the complex movements and programming of 5 days a week of training.  It is totally normal for an individual to jump around in the levels depending on lifestyle factors, injury, and motivation.  We want our level 1 athletes to feel the same as a level 3 athlete when they walk out the door, which is satisfied but hungry for more.  We choose to meet you where you are instead of placing you in a group and hoping the programming works for everyone.  This is why we write out own material, so we can make the training right for you.

Let’s define these in a little more detail: 

Functions Class

Allows the athlete to work on strength and stabilization of the entire system so they can move with efficiency and avoid injury.  The Level 1 athletes build up their aerobic threshold (conditioning) so they are able to do more intense forms of conditioning in Level 2.  They work on correcting core imbalances with corrective core work and corrective stretches.  If you are starting out in our system and don’t have a lot of other strength training experience this is going to be the best place for you.  If you are overcoming an injury or have a lot of movement dysfunction this is also the best place for you.  We have National certifications in Functional Movement Screening and also as a Corrective Exercise Specialist.  

Goal of Functions – Build a foundation and increase endurance capacity.  When you are done with Level 1 you should feel more stable and ready to do more skill based work.  Exercise will no longer feel foreign and you should be ready to tackle Level 2.  

Wellness Class

Here we want the athletes to start learning some more difficult movement patterns with their increased stability, core strength, and endurance.  This cycle picks up the strength training in compound movements with a barbell and begins using more of the conditioning tools that we have here at Reclaim.  Fat loss and lean mass gained should be the outcomes of any participant in Level 2.  This is a great place for anyone looking to lose more body fat, increase strength and lean mass, or maintain their current health if they are satisfied with where they are. We only progress those to Level 3 who have the time, discipline, and desire.

Goal of Level 2 – Increase strength and lean mass which will decrease body fat.  Layer in more intense conditioning to help the cardiovascular system and overall endurance.  Learn more skill based movements that can help with sports, coordination, and overall functional mobility outside of Reclaim.Goal of Level 3 – Increase maximal and relative strength which will maintain or decrease body fat depending on food intake.  Build up aerobic threshold around their compound movements so they recover efficiently and can train harder.  At this point the athletes should start feeling super confident about how strong and athletic they are becoming and ready to soak up more each week.

A few things that all of our workouts share:

– We have over 10 credentials to teach everything from mobility and Olympic lifting to kettlebell training and corrective exercise.  

– We are qualified to execute our programming at a very high level.
Specific dynamic warm ups before the workout as a group (builds comradery and preps body for quality movement patterns).

– Always different. WE NEVER REPEAT THE SAME WORKOUTS. (We follow an 8-12-week program to maximize our member’s results.) We aren’t random at Reclaim nor do we follow someone else’s stuff.  We write our material!

– We condition the body as a whole sometimes for endurance and sometimes in bursts to train more fast twitch muscle fibers.

– We don’t make you feel inadequate for not being able to do something but explain why and simply regress the pattern or your level that day.

– We do specific mobility post training to ensure recovery.

– We have light, moderate, high intensity, and rest days that are spread out so we don’t over train and maximize results.

– Our facility is laid out specifically and equipped properly so at least 20 individuals can work with a loaded barbell and safely do the workout without being in someone else’s way.  We can structure whatever workout we want because we have the space to do so instead of limiting our workouts to our lack of free space.  

Be responsible for your health and fitness!  Understand and question why you are doing what you are doing.