We are dedicated to giving you all practical knowledge on how to succeed with your health and fitness goals. We have the facility to workout in and the education to round out our holistic approach.

At Reclaim we push individuals to become their best.  Health and fitness is our objective, but individuals become better parents, teachers, employees, CEO’s, athletes, and so on due to this push.  The fitness industry is full of so much non sense these days that confuses individuals in to believing the hype and the lie.  I am going to outline some reasons why when you come to Reclaim you should expect results.

We walk the walk. 

Our coaches aren’t perfect and we don’t claim to be.  We do though have a big responsibility in shifting the way our members think about health and fitness so as a result of that we better be on top or ours because everyone is looking to us for advice and leadership.  We don’t all have 6 pack abs and 500lb squats, but we all do follow some strong values.   Eat real food.  Recover responsibly.  Workout despite your emotions and circumstances.  Reduce stress.  Most of our coaches have competed at a competitive level so we know what it takes in this field because we have been there. 

We don’t lie to our members. 

We are transparent.  We tell them what it takes to see results and leave it at that.  Too many other facilities are so focused on closing the sale or acquiring new business that they throw out all sorts of false hopes to entice individuals to join.  Here is the truth.  It isn’t easy.  You can’t keep doing what you want and expect workouts to fix all your issues.  It requires discipline.  It is going to hurt.  It can change your life forever, but you have to make that choice. 

We think outside our four walls.

When a member comes in to Reclaim we are already starting to help them understand that they see us maybe 2-5x a week which is a very short window of their entire seven days.  What does this mean?  We need to teach you how to be successful in all the other hours of the day.  One workout a day won’t fix the other 23 hours if they are poor choices. 

We make it easy. 

Members show up where we lead them through a warm up.  Then we coach them on the strength training and how it is beneficial to their lifestyle and finally we conclude with some conditioning work and cool downs specific to their goals.  We customize the approach to the goal even within a group setting.   All our members have to do is get in the door.

We constantly teach.

Each month we lecture on a specific topic.  Currently we are doing an Ultimate Fat Loss Series that will take up to 12 weeks to finish.  We share our content, cheat sheets, and articles to hold our members accountable on our members page.  This ties in to point number 3 as we teach you what it takes to be successful in the other 23 hours.  Our members learn as we learn and we never stop learning!

We are qualified. 

Our coaches hold degrees, specializations in sports performance, corrective exercise, and health/lifestyle coaching.  We are well rounded and hold the credentials to help you see the results you pay for. 

We’re proven. 

We can help women safely train through pregnancies.  We can help you lose 100+ lbs.  We can help you compete at a national level in weightlifting.  We can increase your high school athletes clean and jerk that was stalled for over a year.  We can eliminate your chronic pain.  We can take back our health.  We have done all of these things and we will continue to blaze the trail. 

We aren’t for everyone.

We hear that we are “expensive,” when comparing to other facilities around us.  Our response would be, expensive to what?  If you are comparing the premium coaching you will receive at Reclaim to a thirty dollar gym membership that gives you access to treadmills and weights I totally agree with what you are saying.  If you haven’t experienced Reclaim though and compared COACHING to COACHING we consider ourselves cheap for what our members receive. 

All of this is to say our most successful members share some of the same things.  They show up for 80% of their workouts during the month.  They follow our lecture series and apply the information to their lifestyle.  They push themselves to become better in and outside of Reclaim.  They enjoy the process and look forward to the results.

We are the best at helping those who are ready to help themselves!