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Get Started

Let’s do this. 

Are you ready to achieve your health and fitness goals? We are here to help. 

Reclaim has many options where we not only meet you at your ability level, but also your commitment level.

Discovery Session

The first step is to set up a Discovery Session where we will learn about what it is you want to achieve. Lose weight? Gain muscle? Take control of your diet? Let’s focus in on the goals. 

Two Free Classes

Once we figure out your goals, we will find a time when you can come to two free classes. This is for you to see if Reclaim is the right fit for you without any risk or commitment – and we think you will love it. 

Want a Glimpse?

One of our major goals is to meet our members and the community where you are in your fitness journey.  We don’t want things to be too difficult in the sense you feel overwhelmed or inadequate but we also don’t want things to be too easy where you don’t get any value out of your workout for that day. 

Below are our three flagship classes where we combine strength and conditioning in all of them, but at different intensities to meet the individuals goals and needs and help everyone reach their healthiest version of themselves.

With our facilities space and knowledgeable coaches we can offer multiple classes at the same time and maximize the experience for everyone.  

If you are ready to get started, fill out the information and we will contact you to get your session scheduled. 


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Tel: 812-222-0505


204 Cross County Plaza, Batesville, Indiana 47006
Tel: 812-932-0011


Reclaim is for anyone looking for top notch coaching and results in and around Decatur County and Ripley County. We expect our members to see results with our systems. We aren't for everyone, but can be for anybody.

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