James Ogle coach at Reclaim

James Ogle

Founder and owner

Hello! I am James Ogle, founder and owner of Reclaim. As simply as I can put it – I continually thank God for the opportunity to help so many understand how to properly treat, train, and recover their bodies for optimal health. I was raised in Greensburg and chose to start our family in the community that we love.

Pictured is my wife Jada and my three sons; Augustus, Thaddeus, and Mateus. Health and Fitness, while not idols, are very important pieces of our lives. What we teach at Reclaim is an extension of who we are.

Bryce Bennett coach at Reclaim

Bryce Bennett


Hello! I am Bryce Bennett, a coach of over 3 years at Reclaim. I have called Greensburg home for the majority of my life besides the four years I spent at Ball State University earning my degree in Exercise Science. Some of my passions in life are health and fitness, helping others, and my family.

Since Greensburg is where I was born and raised, I am blessed with the opportunity to work at Reclaim where I can help people in my community work toward better health. I will continue to always work on bettering myself to always offer the best service to those that come through our doors. I enjoy each and every day I get to come into Reclaim and I am thankful for the opportunity to service our clients and aid them in reaching their goals!

Kelly Oakley


Coming soon.

Zach Vanosdol coach at Reclaim

Zach Vanosdol


Hello! My name is Zach Vanosdol. I was born and raised in Shelbyville, Indiana, but have lived in Greensburg for the past few years. My wife Christina and I have been married for 5 years and have a 2-year-old English bulldog named Leo. I have been a member of Reclaim gym for a couple of years and I have seen great results, not only physically, but in all aspects of deep health. I have a great passion for encouraging and helping people strive to reach their goals.

I love to focus on how we rest and recover outside of the gym and how small actions throughout the day can lead to greater overall health and resiliency.


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