Introducing the Reclaim Team

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Our Founder

James Ogle owner of Reclaim

James Ogle

In the name! We first must acknowledge that there is a flaw in our way of thinking about health. That flaw is the arrogant and prideful notion that everyone views health the same way and as a result we assume it should be achieved the same way. The other flaw is that our current culture has taken a beautiful God created thing, humans in his image, and turned it into their 21st century version of the golden calf. If you aren’t sure about the aforementioned reference, in essence we love ourselves and will go to much effort to maintain youthfulness, attractiveness, and envy from others. Now, I am all about achieving optimal health and I am also all about having a healthy body composition. If one is emphasized too heavily the other will suffer. So how do you create a facility that excellently focuses on health and fitness without putting either on a pedestal. I don’t have that answer yet. I’m working on it. We’re working on it. I’m still wrestling with the following things.

How do you create a culture that meets individuals where they are not only in their fitness abilities but also their health status? How do you consistently balance the two so the path towards progress can be continual and enjoyable? How do you dismantle the myths and lies that are fed to us from media, corporate gyms, and unqualified professionals in the field who lack experience and results but are able to show that it works on themselves, so they must know right? How do we gracefully acknowledge individual achievements but do so in a light that doesn’t cause another to stumble? How do you ensure that your teachings will be carried on to the next generation and not lost on Facebook check-ins and selfie posts? The only answer that I have right now is that you lead! You do the hard work even when no one is watching. You stick to truth and refuse to please people along the way acknowledging that it will only tarnish your integrity and hurt their outcome. You take ownership of wrongdoings and offer praise to others. You ask others to only do what you would do and not set an expectation that you know nothing about. You walk in truth, grace, and love. So, what’s the story of Reclaim. I’m not sure yet because we’re still writing it.

Our Professional Coaches

James Ogle coach at Reclaim

James Ogle

Hello! I am James Ogle, founder and owner of Reclaim. As simply as I can put it - I continually thank God for the opportunity to help so many understand how to properly treat, train, and recover their bodies for optimal health. I was raised in Greensburg and chose to start our family in the community that we love.

Pictured is my wife Jada and my three sons; Augustus, Thaddeus, and Mateus. Health and Fitness, while not idols, are very important pieces of our lives. What we teach at Reclaim is an extension of who we are.

Bryce Bennett coach at Reclaim

Bryce Bennett

Hello! My name is Bryce Bennett. Greensburg, IN is where I was born and raised and still live there to this day. I spent four years at Ball State University getting my degree in Exercise Science. Through my studies I was lucky enough to obtain an internship with Reclaim and I have been here ever since.

Through Reclaim I have reassured that I have a passion for helping those around me achieve whatever it is that they are chasing. I strive to make those around me better and also work towards making myself better in the process. I’m always eager to expand my knowledge in different ways so that I can be of better service to those who come through our doors. I truly enjoy coming into Reclaim day in and day out and would not rather be anywhere else!