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Are Devices Making You Healthier?

No. In our pursuit of losing body fat, increasing our activity, tracking our sleep, and utilizing other wearable technology there is an obvious question we need to ask ourselves.  Our these devices actually making us healther, more fit, and getting us closer to our...

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Medicine or Poison

As humans who have the ability to make cognitive decisions regarding our health, we are at an alarming disadvantage. We have the ability to decipher right and wrong, good and bad, just and unjust. But even with this profound ability to weigh our judgements, we are...

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Illness is Optional

How do you convince someone who is convinced illness is inevitable for them, to at least try changing their lifestyle? I think it’s simple. It definitely is NOT easy, but it’s simple. So for anyone who may be in that boat, let me ask you- In a culture where we are...

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I can almost guarantee if you have ever gone through the tedious process of programming weeks, months, years- worth of workouts for athletes, you always cringe when one of your members say, I went for a PR and missed because (insert reason for missing lift). Believe...

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The Barbell Never Lies

Let’s get real for a second. We are surrounded by liars. Yes, we are surrounded by liars and it’s not necessarily a horrible thing. It’s just second nature. It’s a defense mechanism- BUT, it is holding you back. I’ll give you an example. We just finished up our...

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Get Away From the Bands

While talking with one of our members about their spring break ventures, we started to talk about other facilities. We talked about the different dynamics and structure that makes a “good” and “bad” facility. We mentioned the equipment, the staff, the knowledge, all...

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Keto, Keto, Keto!

Just about everyone has heard about this magical pathway to burning fat and losing weight. Well- I’m here to tell you and explain why 90% of the people you know on this diet, are doing it wrong- and it all stems from the fact that they don’t understand the function of...

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What Does Your Facility Do For You?

Moving on Up! Here we go guys- Reclaim is still less than 2 years old. In February, we will be celebrating 2 years of optimal health service to the Decatur county area. We are so young! We have come an incredibly long way, but we are just scratching the surface to...

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Flexibility VS Mobility

Who knows the difference? I’m willing to bet no one could write word for word the true definition of flexibility and mobility because just a quick Google search shows that no body really knows the difference. But yet we see these words thrown around in the fitness...

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