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What Does Your Facility Do For You?

Moving on Up! Here we go guys- Reclaim is still less than 2 years old. In February, we will be celebrating 2 years of optimal health service to the Decatur county area. We are so young! We have come an incredibly long way, but we are just scratching the surface to...

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Flexibility VS Mobility

Who knows the difference? I’m willing to bet no one could write word for word the true definition of flexibility and mobility because just a quick Google search shows that no body really knows the difference. But yet we see these words thrown around in the fitness...

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Why Reclaim?

For many of you, you already know the answer to this question. You could undoubtedly rattle off multiple reasons why this facility has improved or changed your lifestyle. You could list the pros and cons of taking the time necessary to make that change at the drop of...

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How Are You Aging?

Aging is a part of life.  You can’t avoid it.  You can’t stop it.  It doesn’t “skip a generation.” It just happens every single day and is probably something you don’t give much thought. The decisions you make each, and every day will play out in how your body ages...

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Overhead Squat

Hey Guys! After a brief hiatus, we’re back and rolling at the Reclaims. Today we are continuing Colton’s Cue’s off of the last video we posted about practicing overhead squat technique through rack/pvc squat therapy. Overhead squats are a staple in my training because...

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Prevention is Better Than a Cure

Hey Guys! I want to run a hypothetical situation by you that will tie into today’s topic of discussion. Let’s say you own a very fancy sports car- top of the line, luxurious, and high performance. Each and every day you treat this car like a baby. It gets washed and...

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8 Natural Health Remedies

I tell our members at Reclaim all the time that your body is an amazing healing machine, but only when you give it the resources to do so.  This list will have many different techniques and approaches for optimal health.  As cooler months are approaching try to do...

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Why So Heavy?

Have you ever walked into a gym, taken a look at the board and just cringed at the thought of 90-95% back squats? It’s the third heavy lift of the week AND you’re doing it for 5 or 6 sets! You feel beaten down from the prior days, life has been stressful at work, and...

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Un American

  Un American Crazy title, right? Despite the title I love our country,  I appreciate all my freedoms and love most all things about the United States.  There is one thing though that I have a very bad taste for and will continue to fight because it is what I believe...

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