Diets Don’t Work

FADS. It’s no secret to anyone, really, that these types of diets don’t work long term. They work in the short term usually, but why not long term?

In this article I want to explore just a few reasons why they don’t work forever. And then explain why we, at Reclaim, don’t adhere to any one set diet forever or for every person.

FAD diets, in the simplest concept, are just too restrictive. Too restrictive for long term adherence. They can be great in short term doses. If you need to jump start some weight/fat loss. If you need to detox from processed foods and chemicals. If you just need to learn some discipline. There are definitely benefits to any restrictive eating style. But the biggest reason that people can’t stick with a diet in the long term is that these are usually just too darn restrictive to think you’ll do it forever.

Why wouldn’t you be able to do it, break from it a bit, and then go right back to it? Well, you most certainly could. The issue is that diets inherently make us feel really really bad when we break from the diet. Usually this leads to feelings of failure, and the “it’s all down the drain” set of emotions that cause us to spiral greatly and end up going WAY off track.

Another issue with diets is that it has an ending date. Typically, when someone reaches that ending date they add back in all of the stuff that gave them issues to begin with. What we typically ask people is to reintroduce things one at a time, and do it slowly, so that you can try to experience what specific things give you trouble. Is it dairy? Is it wheat? Is it gluten? Maybe it’s all of them, or maybe it’s nothing. But when people go from nothing to everything, they’ll never know which of those specific things is causing them issue.

These are just a couple of problems that we have with diets. All have their place, and we do at times use them for specific reasons that don’t stop at weight loss. What we prefer, is to teach people how to eat based on their body type and their goals. Everyone strays from “the plan.” What matters is how it affects you and how quickly you get back on your plan.

Every person is different, so every person needs a slightly different approach. Our biggest principle around food is Nourishment. We want to eat foods that nourish our body, and that can be very different from one person to the next.

So, if you’re interested in our food coaching/education protocol feel free to click the link below and set up an appointment to talk to someone about what we offer. Food is medicine. Food is vital. If you’re not using food to take care of yourself, then your results and your health will always suffer.


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