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Where it all begins! How do you know if you move well? How do you know if you are eating correctly? What does it mean to be healthy? All of these important questions and more are answered in our Awakening Series.


Our functions class is structured to provide you the ability to Reclaim your function. The human body is a mechanical specimen with built in dynamics that control range of motion and simple movement. In this class we are focused on building a solid platform through learning and practicing functional movements that your body utilizes on a daily basis.

Sports Performance

Sports Performance at Reclaim is an athletic development and mechanics awareness program that aims to develop a functional platform for athletes while also focusing on improving overall athletic ability. We focus on developing proper movement mechanics in all our athletes, so we can increase the likelihood of proper growth and skill development within their respective sport.


Our Origins class is a great addition to any strength training program or for those not ready for strength training due to injury or other dysfunction.  In our Origins class we focus on getting your body in its best positions possible for optimal day-to-day life.


This is our original flagship class. In this class we are focused on the Wellness of our members. We introduce and educate on our NERDS protocol on a weekly basis. We incorporate more functional movements and supplement them with other fundamental movements to create programming that focuses on strength, skill, and conditioning.

Olympic Weightlifting

Our OLY class is designed to introduce and train the two Olympic lifts; the clean and jerk and snatch. Although the training is focused on only two lifts, the training utilized is much more diverse. Olympic weightlifting is a grueling battle between power, speed, and stabilization. Discipline is needed, but results speak for itself. If you are looking for a different type of training, meet us at the bar.

Metabolic Efficiency

Short on time? Not any longer. In our half-hour ME class we combine mostly kettlebells, bodyweight, rowers, sleds, battle ropes and a select other tools to help you maximize your time and training at Reclaim.


If you have a natural competitive edge, our performance class gives you the ability to use much more dynamic and compound movements to challenge your bodies performing systems. In this class we utilize many different training methodologies and build a well-performing specimen.

Personal Coaching

If you don’t have a desire to work in a large group, consider personal coaching.  In these thirty-minute sessions a coach can work with you specifically on your goals and cater all areas of your training program to meet your needs.  This is great for those wanting to have specific training with only the coaches’ attention on their needs or those wishing to add one on one coaching to their group classes.

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Reclaim is for anyone looking for top notch coaching and results in and around Decatur County and Ripley County. We expect our members to see results with our systems. We aren't for everyone, but can be for anybody.

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