Onward & Upward

Screen Shot 2022 10 11 at 8.46.36 AM

The illustration above shows what real progress looks like. Everyone wants to believe that each time they touch a barbell, step on the scale, or do an inbody scan that it will be better than before. This is largely in my opinion thanks to Instagram. It is easy for any business or person to curate their content to depict only the upward trends and keep the doubt, fear, obstacles, and hurdles to themselves.

The truth though is that you are going to move down and slide back to move the needle forward. The coaching goal is to help clients understand that when you slide back you don’t slide as far and then climb forward again only to fall back a little. Each of the lines shown paint a true picture of an individual moving toward their goals and eventually reaching them, but not in a perfectly straight, unhindered way.

I want everyone to consider and think about the space in between the dots. What was learned? What was overcome? What did that season of life look like? Where did you grow?

Our team is here for lifelong transormationsal coaching that hopefully is passed on to children and grandchildren. This is our mission, but we are only able to accomplish it if everyone is honest with their expectations and work. Speaking of work there were MANY amazing in body scans in Q3. Keep up the execution of the boring things that trend you closer to your goal.

Count the cost. Move the dirt.