Starts With You

Accountability – Webster’s Dictionary says the definition of accountability is: “the obligation or willingness to accept responsibility for one’s actions.”

Have you?  

Have you accepted responsibility for your obsession with food?  Have you accepted responsibility for your lack of discipline getting to bed instead of watching Netflix late into the night?  Have you accepted responsibility for skipping reps when the coach wasn’t around?  Have you accepted responsibility for the excessive alcohol on the weekend?  

It’s easy to avoid hard work, discipline, and sacrifice but in my experience, there is no joy or honor in laziness, procrastination, or shirking of responsibility.  If there is work to do, do it with excellence all the time every time.  If you want to make any sort of impact on those around you, start with yourself.  

Analyze the areas in your life where there is weakness or where you are weak.  Write those areas down and own up to your shortcomings.  I can say with experience when you are willing to take an honest look in the mirror and own up to mistakes and failures your view of self will shrink, and real work can now begin.  A high view of self will eventually lead to an implosion.  If you don’t believe me, keep filling your head.  

There is another ditch though with self-reflection and that is self-pity.  If you have truly owned up to your actions and shortcomings the next step is to do something about it.  Make a plan and take action.  Own it but change it.  The alternative is to start making excuses or blaming something or someone other than yourself.  

If you want 2023 to be different than 2022, I suggest wrapping up 2022 with honest expectations and a proper view of self. 

Count the cost.  Move the dirt.