Seeds or Weeds

Crops from Seed

Handled with care

Tended to w/nutrients and water 

Considered over for its health 

Planted with a plan in mind and with purpose 

Shown gratitude in its beauty or crop offered in season 

Protected to keep out pests 


Ripped from the earth 

Sprayed with poison to kill and eradicate 

Despised for its hoarding of space and nutrients from the beneficial plants 

Usually, the only thought that goes into it is how to remove it 

When moving your pile of dirt your attitude about it allows for seeds to flourish or weeds to take over.  If you do it with a cheerful attitude you will overcome much and not much will stand in your way.  The trials will be easy and the victories the sweeter. 

Weeds on the other hand spread easily, and they like company.  If you move your pile with bitterness, envy, and hatred you are probably looking for someone to join you in your endeavor.  A better choice would be to cut the weeds from your life if you don’t possess enough self-control to remain a flourishing seed in their midst.  

Count the cost.  Move the dirt